GhostDAI (gDAI)
The Ghoul Ecosystem's Stablecoin Protocol

Borrow $gDAI at 0% interest, backed with collateral of your crypto holdings.

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The Super DAO Governance and Utility Token for voting on the general direction the wider Ghoul Ecosystem. $Ghoul stakers can earn the DAO Governance tokens of existing and new products. Rewards and benefits increase as roadmap is developed further.


The gDAI Governance Token where holders can create and vote on proposals that manage the mechanics and evolutionary growth of the gDAI Protocol. This protocol is a key component for the rest of the Ghoul Ecosystem.

  • Max Supply: 100,000,000 GHOULX
  • Community Distribution: 90,000,000 GHOULX
  • Team/Treasury Fund: 10,000,000 GHOULX
  • Supply Distribution Period: 48 Months
  • Estimated Date to Max Supply: November 2025
  • BSC:0xcfc5cf2a73e97401c218b7ce1c594524bd8ba4bf


1 gDAI ≈ 1 USD - Stablecoin of the Ghoul Ecosystem, backed with collateral of your crypto holdings. Simply create your personal vault(s) and deposit select tokens to borrow $gDAI with 0% interest, where you pay back on your own timeline.

Ghoul Staking

Stake your $GHOUL towards projects within the ecosystem to earn their governance and utility tokens.


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We are open to contributions and collaborations of any creative ideas and concepts that aligns and expands the vision for the ecosystem. We respect that it's your personal choice whether you remain anonymous or not.

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